Welcome to Epiphany Evangelical Lutheran Church,

a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada

20 Old Kingston Rd., Toronto (Scarborough), ON, M1E3J5     (416) 284-5922

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Here’s what you’ll find at Epiphany – do join us!

Newcomers are always welcome: 

•   An inclusive and progressive environment – worshippers from various religious backgrounds,

    ages and walks of life

•   Relevant and thought-provoking sermons

•   Bible studies

•   Women’s Group, Seniors Club

•   Monthly “Morningstar” Newsletter

Church History

•  Lutherans are one of the largest Christian Protestant groups worldwide – and about two percent of Canada's

   population. Today’s Canadian Lutherans have roots in many continents. In celebrating our diversity, we gain

   a broader perspective of our shared Christian values.

•  Epiphany has been part of the Scarborough community since 1963. Our church was founded by a group of

   ethnically diverse Scarborough area residents. Our German membership is still quite prominent.


Epiphany Lutheran Church Vision Statement

A caring and inclusive Christian community, working to make a difference

through prayer, worship and open engagement.

Epiphany Lutheran Church Core Values

Epiphany’s core value is love, expressed through grace, faithfulness,

welcoming new people and ideas, social justice and stewardship.

Love:  Equipped by the teaching of the Scriptures and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we care for everyone as God cares for us, without condition or judgement.

Grace:  Grace is God’s gift of love and redemption, freely given through the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and we strive to pass it on through our words and actions.

Faithfulness:  God is faithful to his people, constant in his mercy and goodness. Trusting in him, we are called to be faithful to God and to one another through our actions of mercy, goodness and trust.

Welcoming people and ideas:  We strive to be an inclusive and accepting community.

Social Justice:  We promote equality for all, regardless of age, physical abilities, ethnicity, gender sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, and religious practices and beliefs. We assist people to have equal access to resources, health, well-being, justice and opportunities.

Stewardship:  We are not owners, but stewards of all that comes into our lives – income, property, our environment, time, talents and our very selves. We are called to utilize, manage and grow the resources God provides, for the glory of God and the betterment of His creation, now and for the future.




Lutheran World Federation


The LWF is a global communion of Christian churches in the Lutheran tradition, representing more than 70 million Lutherans in 79 countries. The LWF acts on behalf of its member churches in areas of common interest such as ecumenical relations, theology, humanitarian assistance, human rights, communication, and various aspects of mission and development work.  Its secretariat is located in Geneva, Switzerland and the North American headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. The President of the LWF is the Reverend Mark S. Hanson, Presiding Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), and the General Secretary is the Reverned Dr. Ishmael Nokoof the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zimbabwe.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada


The ELCIC functions through three major entities: nationally through the ELCIC, regionally through 5 synods, and locally through more than 600 congregations. ELCIC is supportive of ecumenical relations and is in full communion with the Anglican Church of Canada. National Bishop Susan Johnson is based at the national offices in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Eastern Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada


The Eastern Synod includes more than 200 congregations and extends from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Bishop Michael Pryse is based at the Synod offices in Kitchener. 

Absorbent Minds Montessori School


Absorbent Minds is a unique and enriched school in the Montessori tradition, located in the former parsonage on the church grounds at 16 Old Kingston Rd. It is for children 18 months to 6 years of age, which Dr. Maria Montessori called “the real time” when one's intellectual and creative powers are formed for use throughout life. The school is located in the sunny, completely renovated former parsonage and grounds of Epiphany.

The principal is Ms Huma Esmail, 416-284-6286.

Lift Up Your Hearts


LIFT UP YOUR HEARTS is the Worship and Spirituality site of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada. It includes many resources and links to enrich and enliven your heart, mind, and soul. 

Canadian Lutheran World Relief


CLWR is one of Canada's oldest relief and development agencies, formed in 1946 as a response to the humanitarian crisis in post-war Europe. It now focuses on six areas: refugee settlements; aid shipments of quilts, kits, and other materials; emergency relief; community development; international volunteer service; alternative trade. Donate and learn more through their website.